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The members web site is a independently run web site and is funded purely by the members.

As long as we have members we can keep up the good work and continue to provide all members with the latest information available to us. 

If you like this web site and have found this web site to be useful in any way please feel free to share the web site to your family, friends by downloading the site cards. 

These site cards have all the information needed for any member or non member of DRI "the club" to visit this web site and become an active member. 

To spread the love simple click on the image below to open up a PDF document containing several site cards with full contact details.  


site card

If you are having trouble downloading or viewing the sitecard please try check the requirements below. 

If the sitecard is not opening when you click on the file please try to "right clickon on the link and select "save target as". This will save the PDF to your device in a location of your choice. 

You will need a PDF viewer to view / print the sitecard.  The most popular and industry standard PDF viewer is Adobe Acrobat reader. This is free software and can be installed on computers, tablets and phones. 

Once downloaded you will need a printer to print the sitecard. 

Once printed the sitecard contains eight cards which can be cut out and handed out.