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General Diamond Resorts FAQs

Q What are Diamond Resorts contact details?

Q Tips for searching for availability on the Diamond Resorts Website?

Q What do the codes in front of weeks mean when I look at availability?

Q How do I access the members area of the Interval International website?

Q Is it possible to rent points from Diamond Resorts or another member if I don't have enough points?

Q If I want to buy points from another member or want to sell some how do I do this and how much is the transfer fee?

Q What are the fees for transferring points, replacing a lost or damaged certificate or for transferring a fixed week?

Q How do I submit a Resort Report?

Q How many points do I really need to make Diamond Resorts work for me?

Q Why do I sometimes have to use more points than it says in the points calendar?

Q How much is a taxi from the Airport to my Resort?

Q Should I bank all my points at the start of the year?

Q How can I find out what catagory an II resort is?

Yahoogroup FAQs

Q How do I subscribe to the Yahoogroup?

Q How do I post a message to the Yahoogroup?

Q How to use the search facility in the Yahoogroup archives?

Q What are the benefits of joining the Yahoogroup?

Q How do I access the Yahoogroups Calendar, Files & Photo's section?

Q I see members making arrangements to meet on holiday how do they know who is going to the same resort as they are?

Q I've found an interesting news article, photograph, link etc. that I would like to share with other members. How do I do this?

Q Why can't I send attachments to the Yahoogroup?

Q I want to send an email to a member. How do I do this?

Q What are the different ways of receiving the Yahoogroup messages?

Q How do I stop all the emails coming into my inbox and how do I unsubscribe from the yahoogroup?

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