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Tony’s guide to eating and drinking on the Golf del Sur

Tony’s guide to eating and drinking establishments on the Golf del Sur

I have now created a listing with a Map to show you where the restaurants are in relation to each other.

If you click on this link it should open up google Maps

Tonys Guide to Eating and Drinking on the Golf del Sur

If you have Google Earth try viewing it in that as it looks much better. You can download Google Earth here

Knowing that we love it out here on the Golf del Sur members often asking me for recommendations so I thought I would try and put something together hopefully it will be useful to someone.

On the Golf del Sur we have 3 Diamond resorts I will start with the one nearest to us which is Royal Tenerife Country Club (RTCC). On site you have the pool bar where they serve food all day and also offer evening meals. There was an on site restaurant “Bachus” but this is currently closed and isn't going to open again as Diamond are going to turn it into offices. At the front near reception is Cafe Med a nice restaurant for breakfast or lunch and they are also open in the evenings. Comment from a recent guest: - "would highly recommend Cafe Med, Errol is a great host and makes you feel at home and plays some great music, his partner Polly is a fantastic cook producing great food that is beautifully presented and generous portions. Though the restaurant looks out onto the RTCC car park the quality of the food and service make up for the lack of a view."

If you walk down from the resort to the main road you meet the one way system. Opposite you is the Golf Club where you can get drinks etc but it is a bit expensive as you can imagine. Turning left at the main road you can walk down to San Blas (I will cover San Blas later) on the way down you will pass on your right a road that leads up to “Fairways Village”, if you walk up there you will first of all come to Café Par, they are open during the day and in the evening. Cafe Par has Fish & Chip nights on Wednesdays & Fridays and they also deliver! If you venture a bit further in to the resort you will find the Oasis Bistro (922738985). Good food and friendly service, we have eaten there a couple of times and it was very good.

Going back up towards the RTCC road, if you walk to your right and follow the one way system round to the left you come to a big round glass building which is our new Medical Centre and Chemist which is currently just a "parapharmacy" which means they can't dispense prescription drugs, they are waiting for the licence and then they will be a full dispensing chemist. Within the same building we have "Excellent Medical" where they have various specialists covering lots of things there is also a dentist and optician as well as beauty treatments etc.

If you were to carry on walking around the one way system there is an entrance on your left to the Palms where there is a very nice bar with a lovely patio area and a good menu, good for breakfast and they have toasted teacakes which is nice for elevenses. We have had many a Sunday roast there and I have to say it is the best roast dinner I have had on the Golf! The Palms have cabaret most nights of the week and the room with a proper stage & sound system seems good as the acts sound good compared to out in the open on the top square at San Blas.

Every Sunday night Colin Stevens does his full show followed by one of Colin's singing and quiz shows. Starting at 8:30pm until after 11pm, brilliant! This is now the only place on the golf where you can see Coin perform! On Friday Night Colin & Jan Munroe do a tribute to Abba called Abba & the Dancing Queen, I will leave you to work out who's who in that one. Tell Babs the owner that Tony sent you! (922738809)

Following the one way system down will lead you to Grandee O’Donnells on the left, a good Irish bar with a lot of sports on television, they seem to have up to 4 different sports on the numerous televisions all at the same time but only sound from one sport thank goodness. You can get bar snacks here and they also have cabaret on in the evenings. Next to Grandee O'Donnell's is another shop that is open from 7:30am until about 11pm. There is another restaurant on Las Adelfas 1 next door to the shop and Grandee O'Donnell's, this is the Lansdowne another good restaurant that is currently closed but will hopefully be opening up again soon! Across the road there are another couple of bars and restaurants at Green Park but not eaten at those so can't say how good they are.

As you go down the one way system on your left is the road to Sunningdale one of the Club de Costa resorts and next to this road is a big plot of land with signs announcing California a new Club de Costa resort, this sign has been there in different versions for 10 years so just be glad you are one of the 50% who have supposedly reserved their apartments! Anyway just after this plot is another road on the left that leads down to an excellent bar/restaurant called Marcos & Lynda’s Espanola Noches (this has recently been renamed as Little Britain) or as most of us know it “Spanish Nights” the menu is good as well as a few specials on the board inside. We have eaten here a few times and found the food to be excellent and big meals very good value! The Food is typical pub food but good portions and the beer is the cheapest on the Golf with beer just €1 a pint! They have a nice bar inside and an excellent outside terrace and are very friendly, this is one of our locals! Note! I don't recommend going on a Friday night as that is Darts night and if they are playing at home it can be a bit noisy.

A little further around the one way system and on your right you will find the Winter Gardens, you can walk through the Winter Gardens to get to the Marina area near Santa Barbara. The restaurant at the Winter Gardens (which used to be Pedro's) has now been taken over by the same people who run the bowls and is now called Rendezvous, excellent menu and good prices in what is now a very nice and classy restaurant highly recommended! Below the restaurant overlooking the bowling rinks is the Bowls bar which is now The Rendezvous Bar & Bistro where they do very good food all day long until 6pm which is when the restaurant opens. Nice friendly service and you may well remember Amanda & Stuart who both used to work at Tasca Macos at Sunset View.

The bowling itself is great fun and can be booked by calling in to the bowls reception next to the bar or by telephoning 0034 922 738683 or by emailing

If you have bowled before it is 11€ each for 2 hours plus 1.50€ to hire a set of bowls and 1.50€ for shoe hire. If you haven't bowled before I recommend booking for the Wednesday 11am special price session which includes Coaching a game and the hire or bowls & shoes followed by lunch for just 20€ each!

Continue to the end of the road and the road to the right leads down to Santa Barbara! (If you turn left and left again Spanish Nights is at the top of that road too). When staying at Santa Barbara you have the choice of the Pool Bar or the restaurant upstairs, the pool bar is good for snacks & happy hour of course! I am delighted to say that the restaurant upstairs which has been poor for years has now from the 1st of January been taken over by "Little Italy". We have eaten here a few times now and it has always been really excellent! Very extensive menu, Great food and reasonably priced too. Great addition to the resort, I understand they have also taken over the restaurant at RSBC too so hopefully that is also much improved.

If you walk out of reception at Santa Barbara and turn left you will find after a short walk, La Marina (922738049), Bistro 27 and a bit further on the Golden Bay Chinese (922738447), you can also walk up to Rendezvous through the Winter Gardens from here too.

It is also possible to walk down to the Marina area down a windy path red paved part that leads down to the restaurants along the sea front, as you walk down the path you will notice on your right a very good new bar "Volare Cabaret Showbar" (619909417) they have cabaret every night in a very comfortable, modern and well finished cabaret room. It is every bit as nice inside as it looks from the outside but don't think it is going to be too posh or expensive as it certainly isn't. The bar is run by Gary & Joanne (Jo) and their son Charlie. Pop in and tell them Tony told you about it I am sure you will find them very friendly and welcoming with reasonably priced drinks. Great place to finish your evening, as they are open late until 2am. They open from 5pm on Monday - Friday and from 8pm on Saturday & Sunday. You can find out more by going to [URL=""]there facebook page[/URL].

If you were staying at Santa Barbara it would be easier to go down to the Pool area and go through the gate and turn right as this also leads down to the Marina area.

As you walk down you will find several restaurants, including a Mexican Mis Cuates (922736501) an Indian Nawaab, Trasmallo Steakhouse (922708247) La Marina II (922708198) most of them we have found to be mediocre to be honest but two that do stand out are Sakura (922738393) & Harbour Lights (922736677). Sakura is a restaurant where they serve a range of dishes from Thai to Chinese to Japanese. If you want a really lovely meal go into Sakura and tell Jimmy that Tony sent you and you want Tepanyaki! At the back of the restaurant they have a Tepanyaki area which seats only about 16 people, this is without doubt our favourite restaurant on the Golf. At the Tepanyaki we order depending on how many of us there are, typically Fillet steak, Chicken, Duck, Sea Bass & King Prawns, a couple of portions of Fried Rice, one Noodles and one Vegetables mmm lovely my mouth is watering now just thinking about it!

The food is cooked in front of you on the Tepanyaki plates and the smells and flavours are to die for and watching the chef cook is an experience in itself and not to be missed!

Harbour Lights is further around towards the Harbour, they do a typically English menu but cooked very well with home made food and everything is always fresh and very tasty. Next to Harbour lights is an underpass under the hotel and at the end you will find our favourite bar The Memphis Bar run by Rene & Grietje (pronounced Creature). They are a lovely Dutch couple and really good friends of ours now, the Memphis as you might imagine is choker bloc with Elvis Memorabilia. It is a Karaoke bar not that either of us have ever uttered a note but Rene sings quite a bit and hasn’t got a bad voice, to hear Rene sing some great songs well but mispronouncing some of the words is a delight not to be missed, some of the singers are good some are bad. Duets with Rene & Grietje are something you will never forget. (Note, the Memphis is shortly going to be moving next to Volare's so that should be a much better venue for them)

Going back up to the one way system from Santa Barbara there are a few restaurants within easy walking distance including a small Italian "Golf Park" (922738136) on the corner, a Chinese at the end of the block between the first block and the second is a little windy path that leads up to Mama Roma's an excellent Italian restaurant, we have eaten here a couple of times and really enjoyed the food and the surroundings. On the next block there is "Dabda" a very nice Tapas & Wine bar, we had lunch there with four other members and was very nice indeed, they are taking over the shop next door so the menu then will be even bigger. There are two more restaurants "Volcanic Isles" and the Aberdeen Steak House. Recent reports for both of these are very good the Steak house has just changed it's name from Jimmy's it used to be the Angus Steak House but is now the Aberdeen Steak House again.

If you carry on up the one way system you will see on your right a terracotta resort named Terrazzo de la Paz and here you will find the excellent “new” Big Al’s restaurant (922738793), much bigger than the old Big Al’s and a lovely setting to eat with excellent food too but make sure you are hungry. There is entertainment on several nights of the week and I strongly recommend that you book as it does get full most nights, we have spoken to lots of people who have been turned away because all the tables are taken (always a good sign). Big Al's is only open from 5pm so no good going for lunch!

If you are walking then before that if you turn right down towards El Nautico a nice looking apartment block with an outside bar and a restaurant, this restaurant has recently been taken over by an English couple and early reports are that it is very good and reasonably priced!

Continue walking passing a nice Ice cream shop and up the slope you will come to San Blas, this is also an easy walk from RTCC. On your left opposite San Blas is my favourite resort Sunset View. The restaurant at Sunset View is "Quarterdeck" excellent food open all day and they have a good lunch menu and evening menu.

Here is a quick update about all that’s happening at Quarterdeck

There is now entertainment four nights a week
Tuesday it’s Aidy, male vocalist with an easy listening repertoire
Thursday and Saturday its Jamie Rourke, male vocalist with hundreds of tunes that he pretty much does on request
Sunday its Jo Cassidy, Female vocalist and guitarist, again an easy listening evening with some great tunes. She was also a Tenerife’s Got Talent Finalist.

They have introduced their new menu, it has loads of twists and has been very well received

They have also introduced Half Board Packages at the restaurant which have been very popular...

They offer a 3 day Breakfast and Start/Evening meal Package for 55 euros per person
A six day package for 110 euros per person with a free dessert and drink
A 12 day package at 220 euros per person with three free desserts and drinks

The savings are apparent from day one but the bigger the package taken the greater the overall savings.

The breakfast options are either a full English, a vegetarian or toast and cereals with a tea/coffee and orange juice.

The starter and evening meal options are the whole evening menu, they do not give people a limited option.

The packages are purchased at the bar, the participants receive tokens to redeem when they would like to eat, again at their choice and not directed by the restaurant. 922738324.

Opposite Sunset View the top square hosts a number of restaurants and entertainment 7 nights a week. You have the Great Wall a very good Chinese restaurant, next to that our wonderful estate agents Tenerife Property Links! (922738039) Inside the top square there is entertainment every night, the normal compare is Sonny who has good voice but twice a week we are treated to Jan Munroe as compare and Jan has an excellent voice and she is lovely to listen to as you eat. There are 2 different cabaret acts every night starting at around 9ish.

Next to the Great Wall is Father Ted's (922727907) they do very reasonable food including a full Irish breakfast for just £2.95!

Next to Father Ted’s is Magnums Wine Bar, nice place for a drink before or after your meal at one of the many restaurants. Next to that is Country Kitchen where again they serve good food. Next to Country Kitchen is a nice new bar "Shazbar" this used to be the Zodiac but it is now much bigger inside having been completely revamped and is a nice friendly bar to have a beer and a chat etc. Opposite the Great wall is the Tavern a good bar to enjoy the entertainment at the end of the night or enjoy a drink before eating. Next to the Tavern is a Kebab & Pizza takeaway. Next door is Arcadia a very nice restaurant that has been completely redesigned and refurbished, Howard is running the restaurant. Many of you who have been to Arcadia before will know Howard as he worked there for years. The food is excellent and the staff lovely. Next door to Arcadia is J’R’s this has recently been split to a restaurant and sports bar next door great for football lovers.

As you walk down towards the middle square you will pass the Kohinoor (922738828) and next to that is the Taj (922738801), we have now eaten at both of these Indian restaurants and they are both good if you like Indian food, better than a lot of Indian restaurants in the UK.

On the middle and biggest of the squares there are 3 restaurants that could almost be one as they are all next to each other with open adjoining terraces. The Plaza, The Opera and La Cueva (There was a fire recently which closed The Plaza, The Opera and the Casablanca bar. The Opera is now open again and the other two are being worked on and will hopefully be refurbished and open again soon. These restaurants were never amongst our favourites to be honest lets see what they are like when they reopen.

On the right you will find Bar Verde, a nice little restaurant and great for Breakfast as is La Taberna which is just off the main road at the front near what used to be Netto but is now Hiperdino Express. At the bottom of the middle square there used to be a shop which is now a restaurant named Las Pergolas, they aren't currently opening in the evening but during the day they do lovely Crepes both sweet and savoury with a crepe of the day that always sounds gorgeous. To the right of Las Pergolas is the new Moti Mohal Indian restaurant this used to be a Chinese but has been refurbished with a new kitchen. The staff are the same as when they were on the top square where we have eaten before and the food was superb, not over facing but very tasty indeed! All reports are that it is the best of the three Indian restaurants!

On the bottom square the only restaurant left is the Lobster Pot (627603408) Unfortunately this has now closed too but is being completely refurbished so will hopefully be opening again as "Ocean Edge" soon. On the bottom square you have "Bar 180" obviously a darts theme with reasonably priced drinks quite a few locals drink here. By the side of Bar 180 was the Internet café, however this has now gone so there isn't an internet café on the golf del sur at the moment.

On the back road the first place you come to is Taboo’s a night club for the young ones amongst us. They are running Taboo's as an Italian restaurant during the evening until midnight when it becomes a nightclub again. They have done a brilliant job on the restaurant side and most of the locals are calling it La Strada at Taboo's as Marcello the chef who worked at La Strada is now running the restaurant and the food is really lovely and very well priced. They have a takeaway Pizza place attached that I understand is good if you like Pizza!

Next to the Taboo’s is Gullivers Steak House, really excellent food, can be a bit slow but hey you are on holiday right! Always worth checking out the specials mmm. On Tuesday's they are now offering a special 3 courses for €17.50 Euros with Leon the Sax man entertaining you whilst you eat. Definitely need to book for this (922738303).

Next to Gullivers is the Wok Direct Chinese (922738381) where you can eat as much as you like for just €7.95 from their excellent Buffet including the wok service where you take your chosen meet, vegetables etc and choose your sauce and they cook it whilst you wait!

El Inti the Peruvian restaurant is closed.

Simpsons (922738456) is what used to La Strada is currently closed.

Pate de Oro (922738482) is open and serving fantastic Tapas or main courses so we can heartily recommend eating there.

That is just about it for now all of this without leaving the Golf del Sur that can’t be bad can it! Nearby you have Los Abrigos for lovely fish restaurants and numerous other places to visit, restaurants to eat at and bars to drink at but that is another story.

If you travel off the golf up to Las Chafiras just the other side of the motorway is a new restaurant "Wok n Fire" and word is that this is a really good Chinese restaurant we have yet to try it but another member has commented: - "great buffet for 7.90 euros, one of the best places we have eaten at in the area".

I hope this is useful for anyone coming out to the Golf del Sur. If you try any of the restaurants tell them that you got the recommendation from Tony's Guide.

Happy holidays

Tony Pearce


At 6:48 PM, Blogger polremy said...

Thanks for a very thorough guide to eating and drinking on the Golf del Sur.
We arrive on Wednesday, just in time for dinner.
Only problem is, we don't know which place to choose now.

At 7:45 PM, Blogger David said...

Great blog Tony did not realise I had eaten in so many places on the golf, also a lot I have not tried yet, I will make a serious effort to remedy that in a few weeks time.

At 3:54 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Hi Tony
We were in the Golf del sur first week of Nov. staying at SB. We have been before and been to some of the places you mention, we went to Angus Steak House, a bit nervous but what an improvement very happy with it now.
Did try to go to Big Al’s as we had not been there but it was closed it was lunchtime?
Went to some of the better ones, Tapas bar at San Blas and Gulliver’s, in fact I think you were in there that night, we were the group of 5 with our Grandson next to your table, did not want to talk shop as you were on a night out etc.

Next time we go will make an effort to try the others as it all gets a bit the same going to the same places. Keep it going very useful.

Paul & Karen

At 12:46 PM, Blogger L Grady said...

Great Guide

At 2:57 PM, Blogger L Grady said...

Happy New Year.

Thanks for a great guide. We were at Golf del Sur for Xmas & New Year and had a fantastic time as usual. This was our fourth time and we hope to be there again this year.

We were very surprised to find so many places we had not been to before and found the guide very valuable.

We went all the old familiar places and they were just as good as ever, Country Kitchen, Great Wall, Palms and (our local) the Tavern.

We tried quite a few new ones. Lathams (old Big Al's) have a lovely couple who make you feel very welcome and great food.

The new Big Al's we felt had lost a bit of atmosphere since moving to bigger/better premises but as usual the food was spot on.

The Tepanyaki at Sakura was a great experience. We can recommend the Japanese banquet and the chef also entertains you whilst cooking the lovely food, you do need to book.

The two new ones are now open and both looked to be doing well (Magnums Wine Bar and the sister restaurant of Harbour Lights).

Once again thank you for your great guide.

Linda & Dave

ps. Tony,
Thank for your help via email prior to our stay.


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